What to see

Trust us. We have been around and we can save you some time. There are a few places to see and some spots that you must pay a visit.

Kitesurfing in Greece
Ancient Olympia
Take a journey back in time to the origins of the Olympic Games at Zeus’ most famous sanctuary. A day’s visit to the birthplace of the Olympic Games will not suffice, so much is there to absorb, with a scale of ancient history that never ceases to astound
Kitesurfing in Greece
Neda Waterfalls
Feel the magic of the only Greek river “of feminine gender”. According to the Greek Mythology, Neda was a Nymph, a goddess of waters. Walk along the riverbanks, under the shade of huge plane-trees, oaks and thick bushy vegetation, or enter the river of Neda. At some parts the gorge is very narrow and you will have to swim. The river trek ends in a place with natural river pools under a waterfall a real fun paradise for children where they can swim under the spectacular water fall.
Kitesurfing in Greece
Lake Tsivlou

The magnificently bluish-green Tsivlou lake near Akrata lies a good 800 meters above sea level, and it is considered very important for the local ecology and culture. Curiously, the lake was formed in 1913 after landfalls and resulting blockage of the Krathis river.

Kitesurfing in Greece
Strofillia forest/Kalogria beach

Forming an intricate ecosystem alongside the lagoons and Prokopou lake, the Strofilia Forest at Kalogria on the Gulf of Corinth is one of the largest in the Mediterranean. It spreads over 80 kilometres square or 20,000 acres. Cone, pine, myrtle, oak and other trees make up this forest which goes all the way to the coast. This is where the careta careta turtle lays its eggs, beside a natural fish farm. Numerous animal species roam the forest, which is a Ramsar protected area for birds as well.

Kitesurfing in Greece
Patras Landmarks

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Kitesurfing in Greece

Odontotos Trail track to Kalavryta

Odontotos is not just a train. Vouraikos gorge and Odontotos rack railway Diakopto – Kalavrita is a unique attraction. An area full of towns, villages, hospitable inhabitants, unique environment and the scent of Greek life.